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Our Mission is to provide an organization to preserve the Filipino culture, promote a positive image of Filipino and Filipino-Americans in the community, and support, serve and encourage involvement in the communities in our area.

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TIFAC is a nonprofit organization, whose purpose shall be as follows:


1. To enhance unity and friendship among Filipino/Filipino-American families in our area and other Filipino/Filipino-Ameican communities in the Unitied States.


2. To promote awareness of and interest in the Philippine culture and heritage among its members and other communities.


3. To extend a warm welcome and assitance to newcomers, visitors from the Philippines, and other Filipino/Filipino-American associations in the United States.


4. To participate in various civic and community services and encourage member involvement in these activities.


5. To help, in times of emergency, the Association members, other Filipinos in the United States and our countrymen in the Philippines who are in urgent need of food, clothing, shelter, health, and education assistance.


6. To foster among its members love, concern, loyalty, and respect for the Philippines and the United States.